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ZOTTO MAZZI RONCHESE - Physics in Laboratory. Experiments for Engineering Physics Courses

Physics Laboratory for Engineering students in Padova University is organised in Real Time Laboratory (RTL) mode, that is, it is based on a measurement system featuring sensors, interface and computer as main instruments. The RTL approach allows the students to face both the experimental side, by proposing the preparation of an experiment and its setup, and the analytic side, by performing quantitative and qualitative data analysis. The outlined didactic proposal generates a learning process, rather than a teaching one. Such a choice allows to provide to the students useful tools which allows them to move on from a real complex phenomenology to the abstraction of a Physics law.

GIULIO MAZZI has been Associate Professor at the Engineering Faculty of Padova University until 2010. He has been a researcher in Condensed Matter Physics and has been responsible of the organisation and the development of experiments using RTL instrumentation for the “Piano Nazionale Lauree Scientifiche – Fisica”.

PAOLO RONCHESE is a Researcher at Padova University. He performs his research in the field of Elementary Particle Physics. He has been involved in quality checks on apparatuses performance and in recorded data analysis. He holds courses on Data Analysis for the Physics Degree Course at Padova University.

PIERLUIGI ZOTTO is an Associate Professor at the Physics and Astronomy Department of Padova University. His field of research is Particle Physics. He works on the project and development of apparatuses for particle detection. He held courses in Experimental Physics at Polytechnic University of Milan and at present he lectures at the Engineering School of Padova University.



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