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ZOTTO LO RUSSO SARTORI - General Physics. Mechanics and Thermodynamics

This textbook offers a description of physical phenomena according to the scope of Classical Physics following an approach typical of Experimental Physics. The first volume describes phenomena related to Mechanics and Thermodynamics and the second volume analyses phenomena related to Electromagnetism also providing a digression on the phenomena that led to the crisis of Classical Physics. The level of content identifies the book as an introductory Physics textbook for Engineering and Science which requires an advanced knowledge of mathematical methods. Several cases and exercises are offered in order to allow users to test their understanding of the explained contents.

PIERLUIGI ZOTTO is an Associate Professor at the Physics and Astronomy Department of Padova University. His field of research is Particle Physics. He works on the project and development of apparatuses for particle detection. He held courses in Experimental Physics at Polytechnic University of Milan and at present he lectures at the Engineering School of Padova University.

SERGIO LO RUSSO has been Full Professor in Experimental Physics at the Physics and Astronomy Department of Padova University. He lectured in Experimental Physics for the Engineering Courses of Padova University. His research has been in Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science by using accelerators.

PAOLO SARTORI has been a Researcher at the Physics and Astronomy Department of Padova University. His research activity has been devoted to Elementary Particle Physics and to Research and Development in collaboration with the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare. He has participated to several experiments at Legnaro, Orsay and CERN laboratories. He lectures in General Physics for Engineering Courses both in Italy and abroad.

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