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Mauro Mancini is associate professor at the Department of Management, Economics and industrial Engineering and teaches Project Management and Industrial Plants at master degree programs and post graduate programs (at MIP). He is Director of an international Master in Project Management (past director of Executive Master in nuclear Plant Construction Management and in master in Strategic Project Management European) and member of ANIMP (Italian Association Industrial Plant Engineering).

  • Director - International Master in Project Management

  • Director - European Master in Strategic Project Management

  • Director - Master in Nuclear Plant Construction Management

  • Reviewer for International Journal in Project Management

  • Editor of special issue in the International Journal in Project Management

  • Member of the editorial Team/Board - Organization, Technology and Management in Construction


Mauro Mancini, Costanza Mariani

I Ed.2021 Pag.168


This book is targeted at facilitating the learning process of project management tools and techniques for MSc and post graduate students. Professionals will find at the same time a wide implementation of quantitative approaches for real life situation as proven practice for the success of the project.

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