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MANCINI MARIANI - Quantitative tools for a Smart Project Management

Aggiornamento: 6 lug 2021

This book is targeted at facilitating the learning process of project management tools and techniques for MSc and post graduate students. Professionals will find at the same time a wide implementation of quantitative approaches for real life situation as proven practice for the success of the project. The main topics included in the book concern: (i) the management and classification of project stakeholders, (ii) the planning phase analyzed under three different perspectives (the systemic, the detailed and the probabilistic one), (iii) project financial analysis, (iv) project risks management and (v) agile project management. Finally, the book presents practical tools for controlling and monitoring projects in the construction sector (vi).

MAURO MANCINI is Professor at the Department of Management, Econom- ics and Industrial Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) where he teaches Project and Program Management courses at Master’s degree, PhD and post graduate programs (at MIP Graduate Business School). He is Director of an international Master in Project Management and he leads national and international research and consultancy projects in the Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Energy, Military and Services sectors. He is author of more than a hun- dred of international publications in: Project Management, Risk Management, Megaprojects, Nuclear Energy, Construction, Plant Modularization and Build- ing Information Modeling (BIM).

COSTANZA MARIANI, after working in consultancy, is now a PhD candidate at the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano, focusing the research activity on the study of implementation of Artificial Intelligence approaches to the Project Management decision making processes. Her main interest ranges from stakeholder management to Agile Project Management.




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