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BRUN CASADIO STROZZI - Quantitative Methods for Quality Management

Aggiornamento: 14 gen 2021

This book is intended to offer a theoretical support and a practical guide to understand and use a wide set of quantitative tools for Quality Management. The most common tools and methods are first explained and then applied in industrial examples: Basic Statistics, Graphical Approach, Pareto, Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA, DoE, Control Chart, Acceptance Sampling are some of the covered topics. The goal of this book is to provide the readers both with theory recall and examples of application to understand the approach and master the application. Thus the book is projected to be a useful resource for both students and practitioners in manufacturing and service operations. Students will find the ideal support and guidance for getting confident with the subject, while practitioners will be provided with theoretical and practical insights to deeply understand the ground on which most of commonly used quality tools are built on. The book will explain the topics starting from the easiest-to-understand, gradually increasing the level of complexity in the tools and in the numerical examples. This third edition of the book has widened the theory support and re-organized the topics. This new organization will both support a deeper understanding of the statistical basics and facilitate the mastering of the more complex quality tools.

ALESSANDRO BRUN has a PdD in Management Engineering, and is Associate Professor at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano. He is teacher of Quality Management, and Director of two Masters in Luxury Management at MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Management. He is a very prolific scientific author, having published - between 2000 and 2020 - more than 200 papers on scientific journals, books and book chapters. In particular his publications on the topics of Six Sigma and Luxury Supply Chain are widely quoted. He is the founder of the “Sustainable Luxury Academy”, a cultural initiative involving companies active on the challenges of Sustainability

MATTEO CASADIO STROZZI is an Operational Excellence and Management Consultant since 1999, fostering process innovation implementing and integrating Lean, Six Sigma and WCM systems. He has promoted and supported the implementation of Lean and Six Sigma systems in various companies. He is author of scientific papers and books about Quality Management and Six Sigma. He is Professor at the Politecnico di Milano and a teaching member of the School of Management (MIP) faculty, from which he obtained the Master Black Belt Certification.



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