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CAPPARELLI - Notes on Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics

These are notes from my lectures on Discrete Mathematics, which were presented to students in the Communication and Electric Engineering program at Sapienza, the University of Roma. The course covers various topics, including:

  1. Elements of Number Theory

  2. Elements of Modern Algebra

  3. Elements of Combinatorics

  4. Elements of Graph Theory

The objective of the course was to introduce students to different areas of modern mathematics that fall under the umbrella of Discrete Mathematics. Additionally, I aimed to take an "experimental" approach to studying the material by encouraging students, whenever possible or feasible, to utilize computers and computer algebra systems for experimentation.

Due to the wide range of topics covered, it was challenging to find a single book that encompassed everything I wanted to convey. Therefore, I consulted multiple sources, which are acknowledged in the bibliography, and I recommend them for further study.

Certain sections, indicated by smaller fonts, can be skipped or skimmed during an initial reading as they may not be strictly related to a traditional Discrete Mathematics course. However, I included them to stimulate the curiosity of inquisitive young minds.

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