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VERRELLI - Mathematical Control Design for Linear Systems

Aggiornamento: 27 feb 2023

This is an introductory and self-contained book for eager students of applied mathematics and engineering, who want to have a tasting of the beautiful mathematics lying at the root of the design of control algorithms and strategies for linear dynamical systems. All it takes is the interest and fondness for the logical reasoning, together with the mastery of a few concepts from real and complex mathematical analysis and linear algebra. The control design is presented before the reader’s eyes in order to involve him intellectually and emotionally. The purpose is to really and exclusively reveal the logical steps underlying the control design and, at the same time, to educate in the most charming intellectual independence. Applications in Matlab-Simulink and Maple provide substance to the theoretical concepts, while graphics render the reader more pleasant.

CRISTIANO MARIA VERRELLI was born in Italy on September 12, 1977. He currently is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. He teaches the courses of Feedback Control Systems and of Control of Electrical Machines (in English). He is co-author (with R. Marino, P. Tomei) of the book “Induction Motor Control Design” (Springer, 2010). His research interests are in robust adaptive nonlinear control and learning control theory with application to electrical machines, electrical vehicles, robots and physiological systems. He is Associate Editor for the IFAC journal “Control Engineering Practice”. He is reviewer for several high impact international journals in the field “Automation” as well as reviewer for the “American Mathematical Society”.

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