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Structural and Computational Mechanics Book Series

  • ISSN: 2421-2822

  • DOI: 10.15651/structural-and-computational-mechanics-book-series

  • Structural and Computational Mechanics Book Series

  • Editor in Chief: Francesco Tornabene - University of Salento, Italy


  • Erasmo Viola - University of Bologna, Italy

  • Francesco Ubertini - University of Bologna, Italy

  • Junuthula N. Reddy - Texas A&M, USA

  • Romesh C. Batra - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State, USA

  • Antonio J.M. Ferreira - University of Porto, Portugal

  • Lorenzo Dozio - Polytechnic of Milan, Italy

  • Giorgio Zavarise - University of Salento, Italy

  • Stefano Lenci - Polytechnic University of Marche - Italy

  • Roberto Nascimbene - Eurocentre, Italy

  • Salvatore Brischetto - Polytechnic of Turin, Italy

  • Rossana Dimitri - University of Salento, Italy

Chief Assistant

  • Nicholas Fantuzzi - University of Bologna, Italy

  • Michele Bacciocchi - University of Bologna, Italy

The Esculapio Series in “Structural and Computational Mechanics” has been inaugurated with the aim of arranging a series of books in these key fields related to academic research, education and industrial applications.

The Esculapio Series publishes high-level texts for academic students, deep studies on good practice and industrial technology, interesting and fundamental research topics related to industrial development and engineering practices. The readership encapsulates undergraduate and PhD students, researchers, scientists and free-lancers within applied mechanics topics. Civil/structural, mechanical, aerospace, naval, nuclear, automotive, materials, environmental, electrical, and biomedical engineers could benefit from this book series. The present book series would be the natural home for authors proficient in mechanics of materials, mechanics of structures as well as computational and applied mechanics.

The Esculapio Series will focus on the following research areas, but not limited to:

• Applied mechanics

• Applied mathematics

• Computational mechanics

• Theoretical modeling

• Engineering structures

• Typical materials: concrete, metal, wood, masonry, etc.

• Classical and advanced numerical methods

• Composite Materials

• Nonlinearities

• Repair and reinforcements

• Meta-materials and advanced materials

• SMART structural components


• F. Tornabene, N. Fantuzzi, M. Bacciocchi, E. Viola – Laminated Composite Doubly- Curved Shell Structures - Differential Geometry Higher-Order Structural Theories

1st Ed. 2016 - ISBN: 978-88-7488-958-7

• F. Tornabene, N. Fantuzzi, M. Bacciocchi, E. Viola – Laminated Composite Doubly- Curved Shell Structures - Differential and Integral Quadrature Strong Formulation Finite Element Method

1st Ed. 2016 - ISBN: 978-88-7488-958-7

• F. Tornabene, N. Fantuzzi – Mechanics of Laminated Composite Doubly-Curved Shell Structures

1st Ed. 2014 - ISBN: 9788874886876

• F. Tornabene, R. Dimitri – Stabilità dell’equilibrio elastico

1st Ed. 2015 - ISBN: 9788874888450

• U. Andreaus – Scienza delle Costruzioni Ed. 2016 - ISBN: 9788874889266 Volume unico

• A. Taliercio – Introduzione alla Meccanica dei Solidi 2nd Ed. 2014 - ISBN: 9788874887781

• A. Taliercio – Meccanica dei Sistemi di Travi 2nd Ed. 2009 - ISBN: 9788874882069

• A. Taliercio, A. Corigliano – Meccanica Computazionale

1st Ed. 2005 - ISBN: 9788874881888

• A. Frangi – Cinematica e Statica dei Sistemi di Corpi Rigidi

3rd Ed. 2013 - ISBN: 9788874886210

• R. Brighenti – Analisi Numerica dei Solidi e delle Strutture

2nd Ed. 2016 - ISBN: 9788874889884

• S. Lenci, F. Clementi – I compositi nell’ingegneria strutturale

1st Ed. 2009 - ISBN: 9788874883387

• D. Bigoni, A. Di Tommaso, M. Gei, F. Laudiero, D. Zaccaria – Geometria delle

Masse 1st Ed. 1995 - ISBN: 9788874887149

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