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ROMAGNOLI - Mathematical Finance. Practice

Aggiornamento: 3 ago 2022

The aim of these two books is to provide the basic theoretical concepts and the best practice concerning the mathematical finance which is unescapable to understand the way modern financial markets operate. Thanks to these fundamental concepts, which are completely concentrated on a deterministic modelization of the markets, students are ready to approach more advanced courses focused on the modern area of financial math where the deterministic assumption is left and stochastic assumptions concerning the evolution of the involved variables are included.

SILVIA ROMAGNOLI is Associate Professor of Mathematical Methods for Economics and Actuarial/Financial Sciences at the University of Bologna, Italy. Her scientific research is addressed to the applications of stochastic models to finance and insurance, with special emphasis on multidimensional problems. She has published extensively in international journals including top reviews as Mathematical Finance and Finance & Stochastics. She is co-author of Dynamic Copula Methods in Finance, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2012.



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