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PAYARO - Lean Management: Things never said

Lean Management

This book aims to provide new operational tools, perspectives, and curiosity on the topic of Lean Management. It introduces over 25 tools, not limited to Kanban and 5S but also including Hoshin Kanri, QFD, VRP, etc. The presentation is complemented by approximately 70 tables and 40 images. The author introduces novel topics such as a method for prioritizing improvement projects, a set of 10 key indicators to measure their performance, a reasoned list of common errors, and an innovative model to study and enhance a process, blending Makigami, FMEA, and Ishikawa. All the content is drawn from field experience in companies where benefits and new objectives have been achieved. The author also provides less commonly cited information, such as Lean examples found in production models from over five hundred years ago or the difficulty of implementing some Eastern solutions in Western cultures. Unique to the existing literature is the contextualization of wastes identified by Ohno in marketing and the demonstration that Lean application leads to environmental respect and a reduced impact on the environment (Lean & Green). The presented innovative models and tools have been validated through publications in international scientific journals and presentations at international scientific conferences.

Andrea Payaro, Ph.D., management consultant in Lean Management and Operations with international ELA (European Logistics Association) certification. Logistician of the year award 2019. For over 20 years, he has provided operational solutions in large and medium enterprises. He collaborates with prestigious universities and he is author of numerous scientific articles and presentations at international scientific conferences.

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