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Angelo Onorati

Graduated "cum laude" in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 1989, discussing a thesis about the modeling of turbocharged I.C. engines. PhD in “Energy” in 1993 at Politecnico di Milano; the thesis work was focused on the simulation of the gas dynamic behavior of I.C. engine silencers. During the PhD he spent six months at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) and the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) at Southampton (GB).

His research interests are concerned with the modeling of internal combustion engines by means Gasdyn (1D code) and OpenFOAM (multidimensional CFD code).

Thermo-fluid dynamic modeling of unsteady reacting flows in the duct-systems of I.C. engines. CFD simulation of after-treatment systems for I.C. engines: catalytic converters, particulate filters.

Coordinator of the Erasmus/Time international student programs for Energy Engineering. Member of the faculty international committee. Secretary of I° and II° level degree exams for Energy Engineering. Member of the faculty degree committee. Secretary of the Board for Studies in Energy Engineering. Member of the scientific committee of the THIESEL International Conference on Diesel engines, held in Valencia (Spain) every two years. Member of the scientific committee of the SAE ICE International Conference, held in Capri (Naples – Italy)) every two years. Reviewer for the following scientific journals: Progress in Energy and Combustion Science International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering Computer Physics Communications Journal of Automobile Engineering International Journal of Engine Research International Journal of Vehicle Design International Journal of Hydrogen Energy



A. Onorati, G. Ferrari, D. D'Errico

3rd Ed.2022 19x26,5 Hardcover 704pag.

ISBN: 9788893853064

€ 72,00

Internal combustion engines are among the most fascinating and ingenious machines which, with their invention and continuous development, have positively influenced the industrial and social history during the last century, especially by virtue of the role played as propulsion technology par excellence used in on-road private and commercial transportation.

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